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Earth words, this year: "Man, o man, little you, dream, and when you dream: dream of me. And when you wake look at me - take a good long look. You will see an enemy now. Yes, I was your friend , but now I am your enemy.You made it so. You hurt me and I am angry. You drain my resources, abuse me, scorn my hospitality and I have had enough. If you are ignorant enough to commit mass sauced, no point in letting you take me with you. So either change or get off.

I recently dreamt of you. In my dream I let go of gravity - I was angry and it seemed the simplest way to get rid of you. You're killing me, you know? In my dream I awoke in time to call the animals back. I called you too but you were singing your way through space, something about rapture. Silly you. Can't say I won't miss you, can't say I will either: the friend you nearly slew.

I sometimes ask myself what went wrong. I think you thought I was Budist, and you walked all over me. When I first gave you leave to share my bounty you believed you belonged to me; as indeed. Now you feel I belong to you.
To you!
I will close my eyes and count to ten. If you change you can stay." bruce

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